New 1/144 German Kriegsmarine figures in stock

Big sets: German WWII Kriegsmarine figures – Big set 1 German WWII Kriegsmarine figures – Big set 2 German WWII Kriegsmarine figures – Big set 3 Easy sets: Photo for Die Kriegsmarine magazine German WWII Kriegsmarine figures – Easy set 1 German WWII Kriegsmarine figures – Easy set 2 Sailor’s hard work Sailors are cleaning […]

British are coming – 1/144 1/200 and 1/350

New sets for Royal Navy models 1/144 Royal NAVY 40 pcs figures WWII 1/200 Royal NAVY static figures WWII Royal NAVY figures WWII in working positions Set 3 Royal NAVY figures WWII in working positions Set 2 Royal NAVY figures in working positions WWII Set 1 1/350 Royal NAVY figures WWII Set 1 Royal NAVY […]

New 1/200 US NAVY and German Kriegsmarine figures

18 pcs figures US NAVY Mk-51 director crew 66 pcs figures US NAVY Bofors twin mount with Mk-51 director crew 90 pcs US NAVY Bofors quad mount with Mk-51 director crew US NAVY figures in working positions set 1 US NAVY figures in working positions set 2 US NAVY figures in working positions set 3 […]

New 1/144 scale figures

Hand painted figures: Stewardess handpaited figures set – 4pcs Business class passengers handpainted figures set – 4pcs Pilot & Lady of 30s-40s – Set of 2 handpainted figures Set of 4 handpainted figures of Mechanic (drivers) Not assembled, not painted figures: Set of 4 Resin figures of Mechanics (drivers) Pilot & Lady of 30s-40s – […]

New 1/43 scale resin unpainted figures

For the numerous requests of our customers, we start selling our hanpainted figures in 1/43 scale in unassembled and unpainted form. Cute Girl catches a taxi Garage girl Frau Lili Frau Lili with cigarette holder The White Stig The Stig’s girlfriend Tazio Nuvolari Enzo Ferrari Pretty boy Ferdinand Porsche Lady with Car Jack Soviet GAI […]

Fallout New Vegas Sniper coming soon – big scale figure

A figure taller than 210 mm now in progress! Resin and metal parts, very beautiful box with a surprise and gift certificate for our project in 210 mm for Pre Order (will be open 9 June) The figure will be available in two versions: unassembled and unpainted set and completely finished and painted by our […]

New 1/43 scale figures in stock

Garage Girl – painted figure Soviet civil aviation pilot – Mimino – painted figure Soviet Russian traffic police officer checking driving documents – painted figure Driver and Police officer  

Australian post – start shipping again.

We want to tell “Thank You!” our customers from Australia  who helped us to contact the Australian post office and solve the issue of tracking small parcels. Therefore, we start sending parcels to Australia again without restrictions.

New 1/48 and 1/72 items in stock

New items in 1/48 and 1/72 scale Highly detail set of interior parts for La-5 FN Zvezda model kit. Photoetched and film.   Su-27 Resin exhaust nozzles. Easy for  assembly kits. More resin parts and less etched. 1/72 scale for Zvezda model  1/48 scale for Hobby Bos model   BGL-1000 French bombs in 1/72 and […]

Stopped shipping to Australia

Due to the fact that the Australian Post does not provide information on the tracking of parcels weighing less than 2 kg, we are stopped shipping with a simple postal service to Astralia any items. Now, any shipments to Australia are possible only through EMC and the DHL, upon prior request. We are sorry for […]

1/44 scale YaK-1 winter version with RO-82 (RS-82) Pre-Order

Pre-order (until December 10) for Winter version of YaK-1 in 1/144 is open. In the box plastic kits of Yak-1 (2 models in the box) resin parts for skis and RO-82 launchers with RS-82 rockets 2 variants of transparent canopy photoetching plate. decal by Begemot company – 5 possible variants of marking   model will […]

NEW 28 mm Mass Effect Game painted figures

Bad guys 28mm ME Cerberus Assault trooper painted figure 28 mm ME Cerberus Gunner painted figure 28 mm ME Cerberus Guardian painted figure 28mm ME Cerberus Turret painted model 28mm Painted Phantom figure Shepard’s friends 28mm Garrus Vakarian/Chief Calibrating Officer painted figure 28mm EDI – Artificial Intelligence Girl Painted figure 28mm Kasumi Goto – Galaxy […]

NEW 1/43 figures – Cops and Girls

New painted figures in 1/43 scale Sergeant and Officer (First lieutenant)  of Soviet GAI – State Automobile Inspectorate (traffic police). In winter uniform. Girl with cigarette holder and Girl with Car Jack  

New 1/350 and 1/200 NAVY products

1/350 scale Japanese navy anchors – 12 types, resin parts 12 types X 2 – total 24 pcs 12 types X 5 – total 60 pcs 1/200 scale Classic stock Hall anchors Big szses (6 sizes x 2 pcs), total 12 pcs Small sizez (5 sizes x 2 pcs, total 10 pcs) Stockless Hall anchor […]

New 1/35 items WWII – German and Soviet

Soviet Tank Radio 9-R (9-RM) with interphones TPU-3-Bis-F and TPU-4R Soviet Tank Radio 9-RS with interphones TPU-3-Bis-F German MG-42 Maschinengewehr – Machine gun Brackets for increasing the height of the truck bodies for Wehrmacht trucks

New items for Large scale Airplanes in Stock!

1/16 Scale Siemens-Halske Sh.III German WWI Engine. Resin and Photoetched parts. Super deatail set. 1/24 Scale Bf-109G6 wheels set (Main disk Type 2 – without Ribs) Smooth main tires No Mask series Bf-109G6 wheels set (Main disk Type 2 – without Ribs) Tread main tyres No Mask series 1/32 Scale Su-27 Flanker Exhaust nozzles – […]
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